5 Favorite App Integrations For Real Estate

In a recent post, we touched on how traditional real estate brokerages can reap the benefits of bringing on the right technology. As an industry built on and powered by relationships, it’s imperative that these tools connect brokerages, agents and customers to ensure a solid relationship is formed. At Propertybase, connecting your business with scalable technology via our real estate crm & marketing platform, is what we’re all about. We’re constantly looking to build a product that either has the necessary features or integrations to get the job done and grow your business. Here are five of our favorite tools and applications, ideal for any real estate professional.


1. BombBomb

Why do we love it? Simple: BombBomb helps realtors and agents break through the noise that is email marketing. How they do it is even better – with video emails that are easy to record and truly help rehumanize communication. With a simple integration, real estate professionals can build trust with their audience at scale (and create metrics and reports to improve) not yet seen in real estate. If you’re not familiar with Bombbomb, we urge you to learn how you can build better real estate relationships with the platform!

2. Revaluate

Relationships tend to come and go and it’s the latter that Revaluate solves. Revaluate gives real estate professionals the power to fill their pipeline with new opportunities from old leads, having built a predictive analytics algorithm that creates a score (0-100) from contacts in a real estate crm. The higher the score a contact has, say 80, the more likely they are to move in the next six months. We love how the platform utilizes automated artificial intelligence to run in the background, updating scores and allowing users to think audience-first, tailoring their message to specific targets.

3. Cirrus Insight

Manual data-entry might be one of the biggest hurdles real estate brokers and agents face. Whether it’s across excel spreadsheets or multiple platforms time is lost; meanwhile, the competition using the right technology is out there eating up market share. With Cirrus Insight, Gmail and Outlook emails are automatically synced to a CRM dashboard for real estate, like Propertybase, which can pull over the Contact Record, highlighting current/past activities, events, Linked Listings, Offers, Inquiries, etc. With the ability to have all of this and more available within one window, real estate professionals can be more effective in less time.

4. HomePass

Homepass is a favorite app in Australia and at Propertybase. As mentioned earlier, real estate is and will always be about relationships and Homepass is an app (available on the App Store and Google Play) that truly transforms the customer experience. With data flowing to and from a real estate CRM, Homepass can help agents achieve better results from open house showings, collaborate with team members via messaging and delivers a friendly mobile experience for clients with text-invites, mobile check-ins and more.

5. Spinify

Last, but certainly not least is Spinify, an application designed for today’s Brokers, Sales Directors or Agents who love data (and a little competition). With Spinify, real estate sales activity can be logged in leaderboards, complete with rankings, reward points/badges and even celebration screens with personalized theme songs. With this gamification atmosphere, team leaders can drive a culture of healthy competition and team member recognition. A sales team with positive energy means more productivity and that equals better relationships and more closed deals.

The best part of these applications and so many more, is their availability as seamless integrations with the Propertybase platform. Have an app you’d love to see mentioned on our blog or in our product? Let us know!

Connecting Your Business With Scalable Technology

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