4 Tips For Adopting a CRM For Real Estate

So you’ve decided to adopt a real estate CRM—that’s great! But how do you get everyone else within your brokerage on board?

No one understands the benefits of a new CRM better than Propertybase. We’ve helped hundreds of real estate businesses integrate our platform into their workspace. We recognize that making the transition process as easy as possible is critical for long-term success.

That’s why we’ve devised a list of the best practices and tactics to help bring your team up to speed. With a little bit of insight and effort, your team will be begging for their own real estate CRM.


1. Communicate & Be Transparent With Your Team

Ask your team about the struggles they encounter in the workplace. They need to be certain their voices are heard, and concerns taken seriously. Listen carefully when anyone is sharing specific problems or trouble areas. This is the perfect opportunity to improve the quality of your work environment.

Take note of any issues that can be helped by the use of new technology. This feedback is crucial to prepare a thoughtful discussion about the new software. You’ll need to be certain that any new CRM for real estate will provide a positive impact on your team’s performance.

Your team deserves to know why their workflow is about to change. You’ll need to lead them in the right direction by showing them the value of a CRM. Review specific features that will resolve existing problems. Make sure they understand how new action plans, task lists or automation will benefit them individually and collectively. For example, new dashboards and reporting features can save hours of time by retrieving information at a moment’s notice, allowing them to make more insightful decisions.

2. Assign a CRM “Champion”

One of the best ways to help your team adapt to new software is to assign a champion. This individual or group of individuals will be responsible for learning about the new tool, assisting others when issues arise and be a voice of reason when helping other team members jump onboard.

Some companies choose to assign one champion per department. This gives an opportunity for each individual to optimize their understanding for specific processes. For example, agents will need to know more about the listing process, while accountants need specific information about transactions. Broker Owners may want to be able to see metrics, sales funnels, etc. so it’s vital that a champion can pull this data. When it’s time to roll out the CRM company wide, champions can help take the reins and enlighten their teams to the new benefits.

3. Create a Knowledge Base For Reference

Give employees the opportunity to find the answer they need by devising a custom knowledge base. Creating a custom reference point will provide serious positive impact on team performance. A robust knowledge base provides faster answers and allows users the chance to solve a problem on their own – eliminating the need to reach out to someone else and creating a positive accomplishment.

The proper knowledge base is comprised of both technical instructions and company policy. The more thorough the content, the more you’ll show your team you’re ready for the change.

4. Provide your team with thorough CRM training

Learning how to use new software can be intimidating, but you have the power to make it simple! Provide your team the confidence they need before the integration starts by working with a dedicated Customer Success Team. Training your team will not only give them confidence, but also showcase all of the new features and benefits at their disposal. Nothing will bring your team onboard faster than having agents see how they’ll be able to spend more time selling or how Brokers can keep an eye on transactions and overall pipeline.

Be sure to provide enough information to get everyone started. Periodic training will help your team brush up on their abilities – especially after any major updates.

Connecting Your Business With Scalable Technology

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