4 Real Estate Agent Tips for Marketing Luxury Homes

Clients of million dollar listings can often afford expensive upgrades. Overly specialized amenities can pose serious challenges for a Real Estate agent. Not everyone wants a regulation-size NBA basketball court. Few buyers require an in-home aesthetician room for facials and waxing. Slides, climbing walls and skating ramps instead of stairs shrink the potential market even further.


While these unusual designs may attract attention, they do not tend to attract much serious interest. The more unusual amenities a home has, the smaller the pool of buyers becomes and the longer the property may sit on the market. What can you do about it?

1. Carefully consider the price point.

This is true of any listing; however, it takes particular priority with a luxury niche home. Consider the cost of upkeep related to any unusual amenities and factor that into the asking price.

2. Include incentives.

This may include custom art or furniture fitted to an unusual space, such as circular rooms. Think outside the box. Address the deterrent directly. Does that million dollar listing come with a basketball court? Could the sale come sweetened with a year of monthly maintenance on the special flooring, a generous package of personal coaching sessions or season tickets?

3. Market to the niche.

Who might be interested in the unusual additions? To what organizations might they belong? If the property is surrounded by extravagant gardens, advertise in a garden society newsletter and host a gathering for the organization. That home full of wacky slides may appeal to creative minds, young inventors and engineers.

4. Market nationally and internationally.

Mobility is an increasing trend among affluent homebuyers. Many are in a position to buy according to lifestyle rather than proximity to work. Once you’ve determined the market niche, advertise with national organizations as well as local clubs.

It takes careful planning to sell an unusually customized home, but it can be done.