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3D Immersive Imaging Now Used in Real Estate Industry

Immersive 3-D experiences may be moving from the movie theater to both commercial and residential real estate marketing. One of the much-anticipated tech and news trends of 2014 is three-dimensional, immersive marketing.


Floored Develops 3-D Real Estate Rendering

Floored can scan interiors of existing residential and commercial properties, by employing a state-of-the art 3-D camera manufactured by Matterport in Palo Alto, Calif. It also uses laser scanners to capture intricate data about interior spaces. Floored’s software can then take all this chaotic three-dimensional data and render clean, elegant and even interactive virtual worlds for marketing purposes. Floored’s capabilities have already attracted an initial round of $5.26 million in funding.

NYC Developers and Even Nobu 57 Using Floored

The company is already creating stunning marketing imagery for commercial developments in New York City. For example, Taconic Investment Partners hired Floored to create 3-D content of its retail and commercial space at 837 Washington Street. Another creative application of the technology has been employed by Stonehenge at 101 West 15th Street. There, Floored was contracted to scan and then “build out” 15 unique residential floor plans in three dimentions.

Even Nobu 57, the exclusive, iconic restaurant at 40 West 57th Street, has decided to work with Floored to create intricate, three-dimensional models of the restaurant’s interior. Now, General Manager Hiro Tahara is better equipped to respond to international inquires from potential clients who ask questions like, “What would this room look like if the tables were removed?”

Floored anticipates that interest will also develop among Real Estate professionals marketing high-end residences, from New York City penthouses to Los Angeles mansions.

Its product has already been reviewed in the “Wall Street Journal” and “Architectural Digest” awarded the enterprise its AD Innovator Award in 2013.