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3 Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Listings

January 31st, 2014 – in tips real estate marketing

Typically, families do not uproot and move monthly or annually. Gaining new clients and then maintaining those relationships until they are ready for their next moves takes some savvy and creativity. Here are three innovative real estate listing marketing strategies for staying connected with clients, and gaining a few new ones in the process.

1. Use social media

You spend a lot of time getting to know your clients, combing neighborhoods, and talking floor plans and countertops. Extend friend invites through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Not only can you continue to send congratulatory messages, birthday greetings and light-hearted how's-it-goings, but the connection keeps you informed of life-changers that signify a possible move — job changes, children and more.

2. Throw parties

Throwing an annual or semi-annual "reunion" event or party does at least three fantastic things. First, it keeps you connected to your clients. Second, it provides an opportunity to express appreciation for your growing network. Third, it creates an opportunity for newcomers to meet others. Think about your clientele. Who do they want to meet? Are they young professionals? Families with kids? Single parents? You have all kinds of options. Host a young professional meet-and-greet at a local pub. Throw a kid-friendly ice cream social. Reserve a park pavilion and emcee family-centered Silly Olympics like potato sack races and badminton tournaments.

3. Gift out of the box

...Or on the box. Consider having personalized moving boxes made for clients' special items, things a client will prioritize for special care and a quick unpack. Such boxes might designate "FAVORITE BOOKS," "WINE GLASSES" or "LUCKY CHARMS." Customize each box with your name and contact information. The box and your branding will likely stick around long enough to see the next move — or be donated to friends and family of your client, thereby increasing the size of your network.

Author: Michael Moore