3 Tips for Useful Real Estate Video Marketing

There are two dramatically contrasting statistics that Realtors and others involved in real estate marketing may want to consider. First, National Association Of Realtors’ research suggests that 90 percent of prospective home buyers who search for properties online say that they will consider video listings first. Second, a NAR survey concluded that, although about two-thirds of agents maintain their own websites, only 4 percent use video to showcase the Real Estate that they are marketing.


For those who want to step into this void and embrace real estate video marketing, here are some tips for a more effective use this medium.

Video showcase

Using video to promote a residential property can employ professional services or it can be more of a do-it-yourself enterprise. The latter can be accomplished merely by toting around your smartphone along. After doing a few short videos, you’ll quickly get a sense of what to shoot and for how long. Short, concise videos have direct impact, especially when so few competitors are doing it.

Personal testimonials

A few well-placed video testimonials on your website will be effective. Such videos can convey credibility in unique and effective ways. Consider using an interview-style approach with your clients to make them feel more comfortable. You may not feel comfortable asking every client to give a video testimonial after the sale, but in instances where rapport runs deep, make the request. A video camera on a tripod may be less imposing for a client.

Neighborhood attributes

Many agents fill their blogs with detailed written information about neighborhoods, planned communities and area attractions. A more dynamic and effective approach is to let enthusiastic clients speak about the amenities they enjoy. Interview them at their front door, in the living room or out on their deck. What is it that they most love about their neighborhood? Also, have them talk about favorite local shops and restaurants. As they talk about the attributes of their new lifestyle, they may even forget that the camera is running.