Real Estate Resolutions: How Brokers and Agents Want to Improve Business in 2014

A few days into the new year, and you have faithfully gone to the gym, thrown away the cigarettes, made a list of places to which you want to travel in the next 12 months and have set some resolutions to improve your life. But what about your Real Estate business?


No matter how brokers and agents finished 2013, this year is ripe with opportunity. But to accomplish something, one must have goals. Propertybase spoke to several agents and brokers to find out how they want to improve their business. Here’s a hint: More clients and more closings.

California Bay Area Realtor Lewis Bishop, with Windermere Real Estate, has a very specific mission.

“For 2014, my goals for my personal business is really to double my production,” Bishop said. “I think we are going into an improving market and equity has come up so much in the Bay Area that sales are going to go through the roof.”

Bishop said he will accomplish that goal by improving his systems and processes, and by hiring a support staff, which isn’t easy for someone who has grown accustomed to doing all the work himself.

“Whether that be transaction coordination, or just handing off my marketing process to an admin person to implement, (Bishop wants) to take off my plate a lot of the admin duties.”

Like Bishop, agent Mary Murphy, of The Platinum Group at Coldwell Banker in Burlingame, Calif., wants to double business in 2014. Her plan involves making lots of phone calls and connecting online with many people in trade groups.

“We have a specific business plan to do that, primarily with networking,” Murphy said. “Taking action will drive the business: Following up with our clients more — keeping in touch with them — we are networking hard and heavy with some groups that we think are going to bring us business.”

Murphy and her business partner, also like Bishop, will be bringing on additional staff to help.

Robert J Russell, whose Flower Mound, Tex., brokerage, Robert J. Russell Companies, heavily uses social media and wants to get more effective at what he’s already good at: Getting listings, building leads and hiring agents.

“I’m heavily into social media, using stuff like and Buffer,” Russell said. “I’ve got a list of all the social media sites I’m joining, where I can do blast posts on about 30 different sites..

“I’ve gotta do what I’ve been doing and more if it,” he said. … “I think that’s, pretty much, the bottom line.”

Broker Ric Moody, who runs Dayton Commercial Realty in Dayton, Ohio, wants to become electronically integrated to the point where his firm has no need for paper. A month ago he started having employees use Sharefile to transmit documents easily.

“We want to become as paperless as possible and also be more electronically fluent when we are out of the office,” Moody said. “In a month, it’s been a big benefit, and it will get a lot better. But I still want to get everybody a CRM (customer relationship management).”