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The Ultimate Real Estate Technology Landscape Infographic

January 16th, 2019 – in propertybase real estate technology landscape

Let’s face it, the current state of real estate technology is messy. With so many players in the game and growing amounts of capital flowing into new tools, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

For many, the darker days of January and February mean slowing down. For the movers and shakers of real estate, it’s the ideal time to review what worked (and what didn’t) in 2018 - this includes evaluating whether their current technology stack meets the new demands of their brokerage, agents and clients!


5 Favorite App Integrations For Real Estate

June 14th, 2018 – in propertybase crm technology integration

In a recent post, we touched on how traditional real estate brokerages can reap the benefits of bringing on the right technology. As an industry built on and powered by relationships, it’s imperative that these tools connect brokerages, agents and customers to ensure a solid relationship is formed. At Propertybase, connecting your business with scalable technology via our real estate crm & marketing platform, is what we’re all about. We’re constantly looking to build a product that either has the necessary features or integrations to get the job done and grow your business. Here are five of our favorite tools and applications, ideal for any real estate professional.


Technology for Real Estate: CRM Automation & More

May 31st, 2018 – in propertybase crm technology real estate

It’s no secret that the 21st century has been one rapid journey through technological advances across all industries and sectors. The real estate industry hasn’t been exempt from these changes, and has left brokers and agents wondering what real estate technology means for the status quo and the future.

Some companies even believe they can make the agent or broker obsolete. So, is it time for real estate agents to innovate or hunker down and do what they do best?

There are a handful of reasons why the real estate industry has to carefully innovate without losing its human touch, after all this industry is founded on relationships. However, allow us to urge you to rethink the way you work with your clients and how you can take control of your business growth.


3 Reasons Why Brokerages Might Be Apprehensive to Bring on a Real Estate CRM

Some brokers may wonder exactly why they need a comprehensive real estate CRM for their brokerage. A CRM should help with overall client management, sales funnel management and improve productivity. The perks and potential sounds amazing, right? But as a broker, you still might be worried about the challenges it will bring.

You have goals to improve business and client relationships; while, also hiring and retaining the best talent. The right solution can provide the competitive edge a brokerage needs to stay connected to customers, streamline processes, improve employee success and increase profitability.

Here are our top 3 reasons why brokers are hesitant to bring on such a tool and answers to quelch those concerns.


Virtual Reality for Real Estate Agents: What Are the Advantages?

December 11th, 2017 – in propertybase crm technology virtual reality future

There’s no question that our world has been drastically changed by the digital evolution over the past twenty years. Your everyday tasks in 2017 may look a lot different from how you handled them in 1997. Think about it.

For instance, if you were on the hunt for a desktop computer (that’s right, with the massive tower and tube screen!) you needed for your business you most likely left your office and spent a few hours or even days hitting various electronic stores looking for it. Today, you likely search a few blogs or consumer review websites to help you make your decision and with one click on Amazon your item can be at your front door the next morning – all without changing out of your pajamas. In the time you saved handling these tasks from your couch you may have even logged into your social media or email and landed a few new clients. What a time to be alive!

Yet, aside from viewing real estate listings online, the way real estate is bought or sold hasn’t really taken a proactive approach to adapting new technologies. But that may be about to change.